Involuntary yet repeated Body Movements in People are not intentional

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Have you ever wondered or get irritated on why people make repeated movements such as clinging lips, tapping foot or blinking eyes rapidly? There are people who even may make involuntary jerky movements of shoulders, jaws, eyebrows, and fingers. Psychiatry They cannot just stop doing it and it is happening involuntarily for them and this condition is medically Tardive Dyskinesias (TD)[.......]

Can a Machine Read the mind?

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‘It is possible’ proved the 38 years old Shanechi, a neural engineer. She did not rely on the brain models or molds for this purpose. She has applied computer algorithms that could capture the electrical blips generated from the brain cells and has converted them into machine commands. She has designed a model that could harness the neural signals to control computer cursors. Psychiatry This is an accomplishment that cou[.......]