Can a Machine Read the mind?

By Dr. Banerjeet Amit No comments

‘It is possible’ proved the 38 years old Shanechi, a neural engineer. She did not rely on the brain models or molds for this purpose. She has applied computer algorithms that could capture the electrical blips generated from the brain cells and has converted them into machine commands. She has designed a model that could harness the neural signals to control computer cursors.


This is an accomplishment that could lead to man-machine interface that can stimulate and alter mood. This is a rare feat that could manipulate the brain to address several psychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression, and the mental disorders that would not respond to existing therapies.

Till date, computer engineers are successful could achieve the brain-machine interfaces to treat paralysis patients and could produce artificial limbs. The present experiment is advancement to available computer algorithm. Reported in the Nature Communication in 2017, the study showed how a brain-machine interface could tracks individual nerve cell firings to decipher intended movement at millisecond timescales.

Now, Shanechi and team are on their way to prepare a device that could read the moods and control the moods. This would have a compelling impact in treating several psychiatric and mood disorders.

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